What is warts ?

What is warts ?


Warts are skin lesions that cause direct skin contact with a virus called human papillomavirus. The virus attacks the outer skin of the skin, causing the abnormal and rapid growth of skin cells. From there The HPV virus attacks only the outer skin of the skin, causing no infection. If that’s the case The virus penetrates the skin subcutaneously through the cuts or scratches on the skin, causing warts Waterjets or moloscum is also a type of viral infection that causes small wounds. On the skin. It may take a few months for a warts to grow enough to be visible. Depending on the immune status You, your body may be more or less admitted to the HPV virus. For that reason, if it is weak Your immune system is more at risk for developing warts. In general, warts are less common among older people They are less susceptible to HPV. In most cases, children and young people develop warts. Warts that have recently been formed on the skin are much easier to grow than old warts. May be on effect Calling the warts in the area of ​​your body with other areas of your body, these areas also infect the virus, so It is very important to note this and reduce the risk of spreading the virus as much as possible. some of Skin problems may look like warts, including some types of skin, cancers, tags Skin (deodorant) and some non-cancerous appendages of the skin.

Types of warts

Ordinary warts: These warts grow individually or collectively, and may occur in any area of ​​the body.
But they are often seen on the skin.
These warts have stubborn texture and are dome shaped and colored Gray-brown.
Warty legs: These warts are rigid and thicker skin pins that have a dark stain within themselves and On the skin of the foot grows. Sometimes foot pain can cause pain and discomfort while walking To be This pain can be as painful as walking on a pebble or as painful as it can be. Foot thymus warts may droop under the skin by standing up and doing physical activities like running.
As these warts dip more into the skin, their outer shell becomes thicker and more poppy.
At If several warts of the foot of the foot grow in large and flat bands, it is said to be “mosaic warts” Gets Flat warts:
These small and flat warts usually spread to other areas of the skin by scraping the hair and into The face of the hand grows on the skin of the face, arms and legs. These warts may be pinkish brown Bright or yellow.

Warty warts:

These warts are skin-colored and their texture is rough and thick and grows like a thread of cotton on the skin. they do.
These warts are usually formed around the mouth, nose and groin area. Wart under the nail: These warts grow under the nail or around it and will negatively affect the natural growth of the nails.
This Warts are asymmetric in the form of rough ridges with a rough surface and an uncertain border.

Causes of Warts

Warts spread from person to person. Proliferation of flat warts and warts on the lower arms and legs But the genital warts seem to be more common than other warts. It is very important in case of warts Take caution with your penis to prevent it from being transmitted to your sexual partner. Some people seem to be They are much more likely to develop a wart virus than others, just as some people are more comfortable than others. Eat. If the skin is cut or scratched or the root of the nail is thrown, Wart viruses make penetrating skin more easily.

Wart Symptoms

Warts have different shapes and sizes. Some warts grow fast, while others are the same Their shape and size remain the same. Often warts are painless, unless at the sensitive points of the body such as the sole of the leg, legs, Hands or face. Warts usually do not cause problems for a person unless they grow up in places of the body They are being used to such an extent that they will be pressured by the individual. If signs of warts Your skin is troublesome, it causes pain or tenderness, it secretes or causes redness. Skin, refer to a dermatologist to closely monitor your problem.

Wart treatment

In most cases, warts are harmless and disappear after a while without treatment. But all people Can, if skin warts are annoying or embarrassed, can be referred to a doctor for treatment. They do. In some cases, warts may be restored after treatment. There may be more than one case The treatment is required. Although all doctors try to eliminate warts in the shortest possible time, but Wart treatment usually requires several treatment sessions.
Treatments include:

Freezing Wart (Cryotherapy)

In this way, the doctor uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the warts. With this method, a blister around the wart It develops within a week, the dead tissue of the wart falls.


It is combined with other chemicals, and then rubbed onto the warts, causing blistering on the warts Gets After wound dressing with cantaridine, it is wound on warts. Throat that is caused by warts The cartilage is cut off and the doctor then removes the dead tissue from the wart from the skin.

Other drugs

Other drugs used to treat warts include:
– Blomicin injected into the warhead virus to kill blemocaine in warts such as A cold appears, so before taking bleomycin, a tylenol (brand name acetaminophen To be prescribed. Immicroid (ALDARA), which is an immunotherapy drug that is creamy and prescribed by your doctor, although Aldala has been introduced as a drug for genital warts, but it is effective in treating all kinds of warts.

Minor surgery

In this method, the physician removes the warts from the surgical blade and then burns the wart’s root with an electric needle. Possible The doctor will use cryotherapy to eliminate the root of the warts. The surgical procedure is used only Other treatments for the elimination of warts have not been effective.

laser therapy

This method is used to treat warts that are very difficult to treat (resistant to treatment) The laser beam method is applied to the wart tissue and the laser beam passes through the outer skin of the skin (called the epidermis), and in The proximity of the skin on the skin leads to capillaries that feed the warts. So with this method The blood is cut off to the warts, until the warts are dried and fallen. The laser beam only causes the death of tissue warts And do not damage the areas around the warts.

Can I prevent the occurrence of warts?

Warts are transmitted through the direct contact with the human papillomavirus (HPV), if warts One area of ​​your body contacts another part of your body, there is a possibility of infection in that part. Barefoot way Going in warm and humid environments such as baths and swimming pools can cause contact with the HPV virus and, consequently, Create warts. To prevent skin cancer, do not use common use of personal belongings And in public areas like a swimming pool, be sure to wear shoes or slippers for the bathroom. Wearing socks that Absorb moisture, keep your feet dry and do not let your skin get irritated. And the most important thing is that Avoid skin contact with warts.

How long will recovery take after treatment?

The recovery period depends on the treatment your doctor uses to treat warts. In the event that For the treatment of warts, topical treatments (cream or solution) are used, the warts gradually disappear and in this case The duration of your pain and discomfort will be very low. If a curettage or laser therapy method is used, it may be for Have a lot of pain or discomfort for a few days to a few weeks. If used for the treatment of foot fungal warts surgical procedure (Cut off warts) and warts in the area of ​​the sole that you weigh on it may be required to To ensure wound healing, use a cane for a while.


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