What is Hair cutie ?

Pilonidal sinus or hairy cysts

Symptoms of hairy cysts

Pilonidal sinus or hairy cysts in the first place is not known and the person is unaware of it.
Some at first and When rinsed, they feel painless mass in the area. In most cases, symptoms are acute and chronic.
1. heredity of this disease
2. The most common cause of falling hair in the area of ​​the skin. For the same reason, the disease is between hairy and occupied people. The deep gap between the two hips – obesity, etc.
is more than other factors, such as severe coughing at the site of the cysts To make Hairy cats have no symptoms until they are acutely infected. In this case, only the manifestation of the disease, the presence of a cavity Under the skin between the two hips and slightly higher than the hips, which may have a size of one to several centimeters in diameter; It has a number of hair and through a few holes to the surface of the skin. In this case, only in the examination, tiny holes The skin is visible between the two hips. With the onset of infection, the following symptoms appear:

Symptoms of acute hair cysts

An increase in pain and swelling over several days due to the accumulation of pus and skin infection around or inside the sinus.
1. Infection and throat and chills and nausea with pus and blood vessels secretion
2. Pain sensation by touching the plate in the sinus region –
3 Infection with red swelling and spontaneous pain 4. Creation of abscess with severe pain of cysts with usually severe pain.
5. Creates subcutaneous cavities at the distance between the two hips or slightly above the anus
6. Bad smell of cysts in the cysts
7. Pain when sitting

Chronic cystic fever symptoms

Of every ten people, about four have a repeat ciliate dysplastic sinus, and the resulting pain is less than acute Usually, some pus is removed from the sinuses and pressure is lowered, and although the infection is not completely eliminated, the pain decreases and It will not be so severe. Therefore, symptoms of pain and drainage will continue for a long time, and occasionally it recurs. To treat sinus during surgery.

Diagnosis of hair cysts

Diagnosis of hair cysts is clinically and physically handled by a physician. If for any reason you can not either You do not want to see a doctor. You can be sure that even if you have a personal diagnosis. You are mistaken, you will not be affected by the treatment orders Relative and Painful Treatments, Using Antibiotics and Drain Drain, Cutting on Hairy Cysts or Completely Disposing of Hairy Cysts By curative, they are the most commonly used treatments. They never need treatment However, recent experience has shown that almost It’s a painful, costly, and painful cure for surgical hair If an individual with a cystic abscess visits a doctor, he or she should undergo an emergency cessation of the hairy abscess. Take If there is cellulitis and skin inflammation, antibiotics are prescribed, but if not, there is no need for antibiotics Not also When the abscess is drained, the removal of inflammation lasts for a while. When infection and inflammation of the skin are complete It can be found that the hair removal cysts can be removed If in the doctor’s diagnosis of a person with an abscess in the area there is no clear cutaneous sinus, the abscess may be The cause of cysts is not hairy and treated with primary drainage. So it is best to give patients a few months. Once diagnosed The patient’s hair will be laid. The main surgery should be done as soon as possible. Because over time The range of hair cysts is high and its complications, such as fistula, appear on the skin and calm the pain of the cystic hair. It grows up, also when hair growth cysts are not treated. Traditional hair cysts are not ordered. Pilonidal sinus should be free from hair. What is the procedure for performing preoperative tests, the area of ​​the cysts of the hair or The hair is appropriate to be performed at the surgical center or the hospital so that the operation of the cysts is completely The affected areas are removed from the hair cyst and do not come back, and it is better to act with numbness from the waist or anesthesia General

Signs of exacerbating hair cysts

Pylonidal sinus occurred in a lot of jeep drivers, with long-term sitters today as the former, which is a hairy cyst disease or Behind the table and the workplace is exacerbated. Most questions are asked if this disease existed before and what is now Is there a reason more than the former? In the past, the disease has existed, but the amount of people sitting is not much and rarely It has been observed. Exactly, we may have seen 5 or 6 samples of these items during the educational period for this reason Where the time is more moving and more vibrant, but today, 20-30 samples are seen weekly when Lowering the stomach. Obviously, the tissue that is inflammatory appears much earlier. The other component is hormonal, which often occurs during adolescence and young age, with secreted glands of that part of the more active part When activated, it becomes bigger and larger and microbial can also enter the gut tissue of that area It causes inflammation and inflammation. Patients refer to us in two ways, either accidentally by themselves or by relatives Holes in the lower back of the upper part of the trachea are observed and they find that they sometimes leak or realize They do not return, and are faced with a large, very burning swell in that area, in which case the shutter valve And the accumulation of secretion occurs and the microbial sits and the abscess develops

Treatment and surgery of hair cysts

Whether with a knife or with a laser can be surgically done, but the surgical problems with a knife, the need for surgery, anesthesia and a few weeks in There is a lot of sleep, pain and dressing, but in laser surgery, this can not be the case. Laser therapy for well-known hair cysts. In this case, local anesthetic surgery is performed and this same numbness The position takes 24 to 48 hours to prevent the pain of the patient, and after that, there is not much pain and need to shave. The hospital is not hospitalized and the patient goes to the bathroom whenever he goes to the bathroom, with the same loofah and soap after a few days, can enter it. It washed and, after 24 hours, or after 48 hours, it would not be easy to do and do your daily work. There is no general or spinal anesthesia and hospitalization Lack of pain in laser surgery so that the patient can sit comfortably from the day after surgery, while in surgery The patient’s usual course should stay home for several weeks and avoid daily work In laser surgery, there is no need for wound dressing and shaving, and the next day, the patient is able to get a bath and inside Wash the skin with soap and water if it is necessary to wound in the procedure and wound around the wound. The rate of return in both surgical and laser procedures is equal and approximately 10% is likely to return, but if after surgery, Laser and skin wound healing The surgery part shines with laser hair removal lasers Reduces the return to 2% Patients who have performed surgery and after suitable health, when the tissue is restored, from the lasers that destroy Use the root tissue of the hair to reduce the number of hair roots in that area. This is a laser advantage, why we are for Patients themselves after surgery when they have been improved are several sessions with lasers that affect the hair roots and hair follicles It is used to 95-97% of the 90%, so no other hair grows and the chance of recovery often in surgery .increase Unfortunately, this disease does not have a special and special prevention method

Cystic hair or sinus Pilonidal

In samples that are not completely removed during surgery, or after surgery of the hair The laser is not destroyed, it is likely that the disease will return In the traditional ways of treating the cysts, the disease returns to the disease much more if it can easily be done by burning the root The hair in the desired area of ​​surgery reduces the chance of returning the disease to 90%, so the most appropriate way For the treatment of cases of recurrence of disease, the first step is to use hair-raising lasers.


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