What is Gonorrhea ?

What are signs and symptoms of gonorrhea?


Gonorrhea is an infection of mucous membranes and the causative agent of the bacterium is Neisseria gonorrhea. This is one of the diseases Common sexually transmitted infections are mainly transmitted from person to person during sexual contact. Also, if The mother is pregnant and the baby is born through vaginal birth, the baby may also be infected and Infected with inflammation (eye infection).

Who is at risk of gonorrhea?

Those who do not use protective devices in their sexual intercourse, such as obstructive candidiasis (condom), are more than Others are at risk of developing gonorrhea. The bacteria through vaginal, oral and anal sex from the person to The other person is transmitted. To transfer, it is not necessary to have sexual penetration, because these bacteria are in There are also mucosal secretions and mucosal surfaces. Groups that are at high risk for gonorrhea From:

  • People who have sex with some people
  • Adolescents and young people who have sexual activity
  • Children sexually abused by an infected person
  • Infants born to infants through the birth canal
  • Women, during the menstruation and pregnancy

What are signs and symptoms of gonorrhea?

What are signs and symptoms of gonorrhea?

Signs and symptoms of localized GI are different in men and women.
The secretion in men is mild to severe, and if not treated, it is spontaneously reduced. After a while, the only sign Remaining “morning drop”) a white, gray-white drop of mucosal secretion from the duct ( It will not be accompanied by any other secretions. Despite the lack of symptoms, the patient is still infectious and can be infected To her sexual partner. These bacteria cause anal infections in the presence of anal intercourse. This type Infections also occur in women due to the localized spread of these bacteria. Analgesic symptoms are pain Anorexia, itching, constipation, and anal secretions sometimes seen in the blood, of course, are often not infections. There are no symptoms. Sometimes men and women with gonorrhea also develop inflammation of the throat, which swallows up to varying degrees Making it difficult. Gonorrhea (gonorrhea) can be transmitted by the finger that is infected by the eye, in which case the person One-way conjunctival inflammation is accompanied by intense inflammation and yellowish secretion. Only a handful of people with gonorrhea have symptoms of the disease, not all of them. So that in 10 to 15% of Male patients and up to 80% of female patients have no symptoms. Of course, the disease is treated as long as it is properly treated It will continue to expand. For this reason, in many women, gonorrhea has spread to other organs (infection) Succulent diffusion (and before any signs or symptoms emerge, due to inflammatory pelvic inflammatory damage Pay attention to the patient.

What is diffuse gout infection?

Sometimes, gum infection is spreading or spreading. Symptoms and signs of gouty septicemia are:

Joint pain or tendon caused by gonorrhea, knee Along with reduced mobility. Arthritis infections more than other arthritis The body engages. A quarter of the patients with diffuse GI infection suffer from this problem. Usually, when Skin rash About Examination of all patients with this condition. Rash is observed in the following forms:

  • Small papules, which usually become inflamed beds and necrotic centers, turn into pustules.
  • Appear on the trunk, arms, legs, palms and palms (usually seen on the face, head, and around the mouth).
  • Less reported as hemorrhagic lesions, nodular erythema, hives, and erythema multiforme Fever, chills and restlessness It is necessary to recall that patients with diffuse gastrointestinal infection may be at the site of the onset of mucosal infection Do not show any local signs or symptoms.
  • Gum-burning skin lesions.

How is gonorrhea diagnosed?

Gram stain and culture are the most common laboratory tests used to diagnose gonorrhea.
Gonorrhea can be obtained through Chlamydia swabs, urine specimens, and cellular tissue samples of the Tinperp method by Nuclear Acid Augmentation Assays (NAATs) (also recognized).
If a pelvic inflammatory disease is present, a ultrasound scan is also performed.
Gram stained is to remove a sample from the paint and paint it with a single color. Most of the test results are up End of consultation or within a few hours.
This test is more accurate for men than for women, as is the case with both women Infection is the only test result of a positive person.
Cultivation involves rubbing a swab into the infection site as well as cervix in women or from the male infertility. Insert into a culture container and keep the container in good condition for up to two days Should swab quickly The bacteria can be replicated.
This will both make a more accurate diagnosis and provide information Concerning the vulnerability of bacteria, antibiotics help determine and better manage the treatment.
This point It is very important because Gusat’s resistance is reported to increase in a wide range of antibiotics around the world Finding that in the future it will make it more difficult to treat gonorrhea.

What treatments for gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is treated with effective antibiotics against Neisseria gonorrhea; to prevent further complications The disease, treatment should begin as soon as possible. You should treat both of these infections Most patients with gonorrhea also have Chlamydia infection, so be sure Make sure. The choice of antibiotic for treatment depends on local allergies. Now what is being prescribed in New Zealand, Single dose of ceftriaxone 500 mg by muscle injections plus azithromycin 1 g for treatment Chlamydia is If bacteria are vulnerable to antibiotics during culture, use of single-use ciprofloxacin 500 mg or amoxicillin 3 g, plus 1 g of propionate. Once again, after completing the treatment, it is important for the patient to come back to the clinic to check the cultures and complete infection. Confirm. Before the treatment is completed, sexual activity should not be restored, and, first, the sexual partners, both, must Well tested and treated.

What are the effects of non-treating gonorrhea?

If the gonorrhea is not treated, the following symptoms will occur:
The rising incidence of genital tract infection in men, which causes painful inflammation of the epididymis and prostate Gets
Creating a male scar in the men (a possible lowering of fertility or blockage of the bladder)
Creating an upper scarring scar in women with pelvic inflammatory disease (probable infertility, chronic pelvic pain)
Ectopic pregnancy (Infectious Infection and Abortion from Gonorrhea Infection in Pregnant Women Scarring and permanent vision impairment or blindness due to germicidal infections Gonococcal meningitis)
Arthritis In patients with gonorrhea, whether there are other signs of syphilis, AIDS and Chlamydia, should be The patient is also tested for these diseases in order to ensure that there is no infection with the disease at the same time.

Is gonorrhea preventable?

If you think you’ve been infected, stop all your sexual contacts and contact a doctor or clinic. See Sexual Health. Tell your partner about the subject to check if you have an infection And if necessary, take appropriate treatment. Sexual Immunization Methods to Prevent Gout as follows:

  • Limiting the number of sexual partners
  • Condom use

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