what is Eclipse ?

what is Eclipse ?

These include red or blue spots or violets in the skin, sometimes found at birth and early days after birth.

What is the cause of these skin lesions?

The cause of these skin lesions is genetic disorders in the formation of subcutaneous vessels. Parents of these children usually do not have symptoms of skin disorders, and it is not necessary for them, for example, to have a problem with their father or mother to have a child born of them. The appearance of these vascular disorders generally affects the patient’s face, although there is a possibility of any point in the body’s involvement. The incidence of the disease is between one and two percent. In the area of the discharges, the trigeminal nerve pathway has a dysfunctional function that affects both the upper and lower extremities of the eye, above the cheek, and the lower lip and lower jaw.

Also, the extent of lesions can reach the mucus of the lips and gums. The lesions are initially pink, but gradually and over time, their color becomes more intense, and this color may remain constant, or become more dense in the area of the trunk or hands.

In the face, the spots gradually become thicker, and vascular vascular shapes and other vascular disorders appear and help the affected area become larger and more rude. The bones are larger than the opposite side, and teeth also occur earlier, and if the extent of the lesions reaches the diseased organs (arms or legs), these members may be large and thick, too.

Capillary disturbances have two major categories

Spotted Spots

Healthy spots of vascular disorders are very common and usually involve all races. Their appearance is asymmetric and pinky patches to the edges, sometimes streaks from the large vessels (telangiectasia) may occur between these patches. These patches usually start from the back of the neck and extend to the back of the skull, or even up to the front of the head and area of the forehead, and extend over the eyelids or bridge of the nose. These patches are from birth and in most cases disappear until about one year of age.

Spotted and permanent spots

Spotted spots are actually patches of dilated capillaries that have survived from birth and do not disappear throughout their lives. These patches may be limited and limited to certain areas, large or wide, even affecting one limb (for example, one hand or one leg).

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