Warning signs of bone marrow cancer

Warning signs of bone marrow cancer

Excessive fatigue

A tiredness that does not disappear even after adequate rest and following a healthy diet. This feeling is caused by the method of multiply myeloma attacking healthy cells in the bone marrow, which can lead to anemia or incompatible cytokine production.


Anemia occurs when the number of red blood cells reaches very low levels, which causes the suppression or excretion of healthy red blood cells.

Pain in the bones

Multiple myeloma is formed in the bone marrow and over time suppresses healthy red blood cells, which can cause thinning and weakening of the bone. As a result, osteoporosis occurs.

This condition leads to mild to moderate pain in and around the bone. If the key and important bones, such as the spine, which are responsible for supporting several parts of the body, are affected by the disease, this pain may be as evident as possible. This pain increases with movement and may be aggravated substantially at night and early in the morning.


This feeling of numbness develops when multiple myeloma attacks the vertebral column. With the spread of the spine, the disease weakens the bones, and the vertebrae interact with each other and the nerves around the spine.

In contact with these very sensitive nerves, multiple myeloma disrupts signals that travel between the brain and the spine, causing numbness in that area.

Kidney problems

The development of multiple myeloma leads to the formation of proteins whose excessive production can cause double pressure on the kidneys and cause damage to them or even renal failure.


Bone erosion as a result of multiple myeloma disease leads to the formation of conditions called hypercalcaemia or calcium suppression, resulting in excessive amounts of calcium in the blood.

Weight Loss, Psychic confusion, Frequent Diseases

How does bone marrow cancer affect the leg?

The alteration and genetic alteration of the cells cause uncontrolled cell proliferation and the occurrence of cancer in the organs of the body or bones. Bone cancer can damage any of the bones in the body. Bone cancer or bone tumor may be a primary bone tumor, originally from the bone or bone metastases, which can spread from another part of the body to the bone. Usually bone metastases are caused by prostate, thyroid, breast, lung and kidney cancer.

Usually bony tumors are benign

It is interesting to know that most non-cancerous bony tumors are said to be benign tumors that are usually not fatal.
According to this orthopedic surgeon, the most common benign bone tumors include bony cysts, which are commonly seen in the legs and often in children and adolescents.

He emphasized: Given that the main cause of bone cancer is unknown, it seems that prevention can not be prevented, but avoiding radiation (such as radiotherapy) and some specific chemicals known to be effective in bone tumors (lack of Contact with radioactive and nuclear compounds prevents bone cancer.

Take pain and swelling of the bones seriously

As we said, the most common symptom of bone cancer is pain, but depending on the location and size of the tumor, bone tumors may be asymptomatic for a long time.
However, Dr. Biglu emphasizes that if a patient is referred to a doctor with symptoms such as mass touch or sudden bone pain, then there is a possibility of early detection. Note that topical swelling is also a sign of bone cancer. This swelling may be seen as a localized mass from the patient.

The bone surgeon, emphasizing that bone cancer may weaken and break the bone, said: “When a bone with a cancer is broken, the patient usually says that he has had a slight pain in the limb, which suddenly increases in intensity.” . Bone cancer can also cause other symptoms, such as fatigue and severe weakness or sudden weight loss. When cancer cells attack the internal organs of the body, they may also appear on the viscera.
For example, when a bone cancer spreads to the lungs, the patient may have respiratory problems

The need for healthy and complete nutrition

Due to the physical and immune status of patients with bone cancer treated, experts emphasize the importance of having healthy and complete nutrition.
According to Dr. Biglow, due to the malignancy that these patients have, they lose a lot of their weight and energy during heavy chemotherapy that reduces appetite and nausea and vomiting. Heavy surgeries, along with the use of strong and long-lasting antibiotics, also contribute to this nutritional problem. As a result, these patients, and especially families, are extremely worried about excessive weight loss and are trying to fix it.
For this reason, he recommends: Patients should be encouraged to eat healthy and natural foods that are easily digestible. Also, these groups of patients should be prohibited from eating heavy and high-fat foods or types of spices and spices. In addition, it is better to reduce the amount of each meal per meal, but the number of meals will increase. Drinking any liquids, including water, tea, dough and non-gas drinks, is also recommended.
It can be said that if this type of cancer is detected early and on time, it will be possible to cure it.

Bone Cancer Treatments

In the treatment of malignant bone tumors, the following methods are used:
Radiation Therapy:
Taking gamma rays into cancerous tissue is one of the effective ways to eliminate cancer cells. Radiation therapy can not completely destroy cancer cells, but only reduces their number.
However, this is enough to help relieve bone pain in the patient. The patient’s pain usually decreases one to two weeks after radiotherapy, but the pain relief is most likely after a few months.

Chemotherapy: In this method, by injecting chemical drugs, the activity of the cancer cells is slowed down and stopped.

Surgery: The surgeon uses the curettage method. That is, without removing any part of the bone, the cavity is created and the tumor is separated from the bone. When the tumor is removed, the physician removes the tumor from the cervix to ensure complete tumor discharge.


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