Tattoo cleaning methods

Tattoo cleaning methods

What is Tattoo ?

The tattoo is injected into the skin by a special needle. At The time of the person’s tattoo inject creates the desired role on your skin The end of the work creates the shape on your skin. Tattoos and tattoos always with It is pain and in some cases a person is bleeding that can lead to the same bleeding Causing a person to develop hepatitis and AIDS.

There are a group of people who are thinking of getting rid of tattoos:

The first group is those who regret tattoos for any reason, for example, change their taste Whether or not it sounds like that, or … And it’s interesting to know that in the research that was done, It has been observed that about 70% of the people who regretted this operation after an hour of tattooing be.
The second group that seeks to clear the tattoo are those who believe it’s a hairdresser As it should not have done well, for example, a tattoo design in the eye or eyebrows as it is It should not be mirrored and it is necessary to be cleared to mirror part of the one side design.
The third group is also those who have allergic (allergic) reactions after tattoo Tattoo color, so it is necessary to remove that color from inside the skin.
But the fourth group includes more than men, and those who are for any reason on the body They have done their own tattoos and now either because of regret or because of the rules of employment Military organizations and … have to clean their tattooed arms or legs.

Clear the Tattoo

Chemical peeling of the skin

Cleansing the tattoo with herbs or peeling skin is an effective way to remove Tattoos and tattoos from the skin surface. For some vitamin oil Combine aloe vera gel and apricot scrub. Then add this to the region Apply in a rotation and wait for 5 minutes to wet your tattoo Then wash your skin with cold water. Repeat this procedure four times a day for one month It can completely eliminate tattoos from your skin and make your skin look beautiful and clear.

Use the IPL

method IPL or severe pulsed phototherapy is another way to remove these tattoos The treatment is light and follows the principles of the laser. This method has high power and effect It is a part of the laser, and it has very little pain

Laying skin with lime and salt

Due to the presence of natural acids as well as vitamin C in the lime, it can be classified as Use a natural vector liner. You can combine lemon juice and salt Make a natural violet solution and apply it with cotton to the desired area and after a single Wash it off with cold water. You can even get lemon and salt in the form Separate to remove your tattoos.

Use honey

Using honey is another great home remedy for tattoo removal You need to mix some honey with aloe vera, yogurt and salt. Combine with These materials can together get the best tattoo creams in your home Use it to remove ink injected into your skin

Do not underestimate lavender

Lavender is a plant rich in her use to treat acne and relieve sunburn Burn is commonly used. It is a natural remedy for removing tattoos from your skin And its use is painless and complicated. Just a little bit of the oil of this plant twice Apply to your skin daily to see your tattoo stained in the coming days

The cost of laser tattoo cleaning

The cost of laser tattoo removal is very expensive, but the laser has a lot of efficiency The tattoo is on the surface of your skin. In fact, laser is a definitive way to clean the tattoo At a meeting. This method is used to accumulate light pulses and to drown them into pigments Breaking and crushing them is the best scientific technique to clean the tattoo. You can easily make tattoos using laser crosstalk and laser flashing. Eliminate existing ones on your skin.

Methods of cleaning the body tattoo at home

1. First, moisten the part where the tattoo is done and then half a cup Pour salt onto it. Now you should apply a warm sterile fabric to the area you are looking for. The tattoo section begins to turn red after a few seconds. Salt is a great peeling It is good and can clean several layers of human skin. When salt is with water Combine, its vector property will multiply. For that reason, before it’s affected Bleed, wash the salt with water. Otherwise, the site becomes painful. To Prevention of any complications, sterilized and disinfected tissue and health salts Use In the wound area, be sure to use vitamin E, which is easily available from all pharmacies Is. Vitamin E improves wound healing and reduces pain. Finally the gauze Put the medicine on the scar. When the scar tissue heals, it becomes blurred You will be a tattoo ink. After a few days, repeat this procedure and until then Continue to get the desired result.

2.The natural extract of aloe vera is equal to apricot scrub and vitamin E oil Good mix together. Put this composition in a rotational position on the tattoo site. Make sure the entire tattoo area is well covered. Let it be 5 minutes The composition remains on the place of the tattoo and then rinse it with cold water. Be sure to complete it Clear the skin. Do this for one month and at least 5 times a day. This It’s a very simple way to clean the tattoo and you’ll see that the tattoo ink disappears Gets.



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