What is Rhizism ?

Rhizism Rashitism or bone softness is a bone disease in children that causes weakening of the bones, parotid legs and deformities in the limbs. For these reasons, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D are not adequately supplied to bone production for some reason. Who is more at risk? The following people are more likely to develop … Continue reading “What is Rhizism ?”

What causes diabetes in pregnancy?

Diabetes in pregnancy Diabetes, the fourth leading cause of blindness around the world after tracheal diseases, water Black and Cataracts. This indicates the high importance of this disease It is very important that you take it seriously during pregnancy. In this article We talked about healthy complications from diabetes in pregnancy. We recommend this Do … Continue reading “What causes diabetes in pregnancy?”

What is Asthma ?

Asthma The obstructive lung diseases are characterized by reduction of expiratory flow rates and include common disorders such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and less common ones such as bronchiectasis and cystic fibers. Controversy and confusion reign over the definition of even the common ones because of the marked overlap of clinical … Continue reading “What is Asthma ?”

What is Hepatic Abscess ?

Abscesses of the liver are generally due to infection by bacteria or, less commonly in the United States, by amebae. The diagnosis is often missed, since many patients have only subtle clinical indications of liver disease or none at all. Pathogenesis Pyogenic liver abscess is a disease seen predominantly among individuals with other underlying disorders. … Continue reading “What is Hepatic Abscess ?”

What is Gonorrhea ?

Gonorrhea Gonorrhea is an infection of mucous membranes and the causative agent of the bacterium is Neisseria gonorrhea. This is one of the diseases Common sexually transmitted infections are mainly transmitted from person to person during sexual contact. Also, if The mother is pregnant and the baby is born through vaginal birth, the baby may … Continue reading “What is Gonorrhea ?”