what is Eclipse ?

These include red or blue spots or violets in the skin, sometimes found at birth and early days after birth. What is the cause of these skin lesions? The cause of these skin lesions is genetic disorders in the formation of subcutaneous vessels. Parents of these children usually do not have symptoms of skin disorders, … Continue reading “what is Eclipse ?”

Causes of vaginal irritation

vaginal irritation Vaginal infection is one of the most common sexual conditions among women. With some home remedies, you can fix this. It’s best to get acquainted with the causes of these infections and how to prevent and deal with them. Many women complain of vaginal irritation and seek treatment options; a gynecologist has explained … Continue reading “Causes of vaginal irritation”

what is Chickenpox ?

Chickenpox Chickenpox is one of the most dangerous and contagious diseases that each person develops at least once in his lifetime. The disease is very dangerous, but due to the injection of the vaccine, it is very high in the early days after the disease, and it does not cause much problems. Of course, other … Continue reading “what is Chickenpox ?”