The Biological Basis of Behavior

The Nervous System Your nervous system is living tissue composed if cells. The cells in the nervous system fall into two major categories: glia and neurons. Glia are cells found throughout the nervous system that provide structural support and insulation for neurons. Glia hold the nervous system together and help maintain the chemical environment of … Continue reading “The Biological Basis of Behavior”

Themes Related to Psychology as a Field of Study

Looking at psychology as a field of study, we see three crucial ideas: (1) psychology is empirical (2) psychology is theoretically diverse; and (3) psychology evolves in a sociohistorical context. Let’s look at each of these ideas in more detail. Theme 1: psychology is empirical Everyone tries to understand behavior. Most of us have developed … Continue reading “Themes Related to Psychology as a Field of Study”

Psychology: Its History and Evolution

How Psychology developed The term psychology comes from Greek words, psyche, meaning the soul, and, logos, referring to the study of a subject. These two Greek roots were first put together to define a topic of study in the 16″ century, when psyche was used to refer to the soul, spirit, or mind, as distinguished … Continue reading “Psychology: Its History and Evolution”