What causes diabetes in pregnancy?

Diabetes in pregnancy Diabetes, the fourth leading cause of blindness around the world after tracheal diseases, water Black and Cataracts. This indicates the high importance of this disease It is very important that you take it seriously during pregnancy. In this article We talked about healthy complications from diabetes in pregnancy. We recommend this Do … Continue reading “What causes diabetes in pregnancy?”

What is warts ?

Warts Warts are skin lesions that cause direct skin contact with a virus called human papillomavirus. The virus attacks the outer skin of the skin, causing the abnormal and rapid growth of skin cells. From there The HPV virus attacks only the outer skin of the skin, causing no infection. If that’s the case The … Continue reading “What is warts ?”

Herpes to the Lip and Mouth: Causes and Treatments

Herpes to the Lip and Mouth Herpes, often called blistering, is a small sore scrotum or blister-like lesions on the lips, chin and cheeks. Causing pain Inside the nasal holes, and sometimes on the gums or mouth of the mouth. Herpes usually Or itching becomes permanent and continuous. These herpes are caused by a herpes … Continue reading “Herpes to the Lip and Mouth: Causes and Treatments”

What is Ovarian Cysts ?

Ovarian Cysts Ovarian cysts are full of fluid in or around the surface of an ovary. Ladies have two The ovaries are each as large as an almond that is located on the sides of the womb. Ovules in ovaries They arise and develop during a period of one month in women’s reproductive years. Many … Continue reading “What is Ovarian Cysts ?”

What is Cushing’s syndrome ?

Cause of Cushing’s syndrome Increasing the glucocorticoid hormone secretion of cortisol leads to Cushing’s syndrome, which is a metabolic disorder and affects the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. Cushing’s syndrome is known as obesity, hypertension and high cortisol levels. There is an increased physiological correlation of cortisol in the last trimester of pregnancy and … Continue reading “What is Cushing’s syndrome ?”