Assessment of a child with possible ASD

Child with possible autism spectrum disorder The purpose of assessment in ASD (autism spectrum disorder) is to make a diagnosis where applicable and guide interventions and treatment based on a profile of strengths, impairments, skills and needs of the child and family. This includes identification of co-morbidities and associated developmental problems which can have significant … Continue reading “Assessment of a child with possible ASD”

Symptoms and signs of autism spectrum disorders

Social communication Difficulties and delay in social interaction are often the earliest features in ASDs, but they can be subtle and easily missed. Absence of joint attention (i.e. failure to show interest, share a  focus of attention and follow gaze) is highly suggestive of ASD. Carers may describe that the child fails to respond to … Continue reading “Symptoms and signs of autism spectrum disorders”

Diagnosing autism spectrum disorder

Diagnosing autism ASD (autism spectrum disorder) is a heterogeneous condition with no single pathognomonic feature or specific diagnostic test. Diagnosis can be challenging as affected individuals display variation in the degree of behavioural severity, language and intellectual abilities. Moreover, their behavioural profiles are likely to change with age and cooccurring problems and co-morbidities are common. … Continue reading “Diagnosing autism spectrum disorder”

What causes autism spectrum disorders?

Autism Causes ASD is accepted to be a neurodevelopmental condition with a biological basis. The heterogeneity of affected individuals and genetic complexity has undoubtedly contributed to the daunting task of identifying the cause(s) of ASD. Continuing research has not identified a clear aetiology, but evidence suggests that it has a complex genetic basis with strong … Continue reading “What causes autism spectrum disorders?”

What is autism/autism spectrum disorder?

What is autism ? ASD (autism spectrum disorder) is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder. The term autism refers to the prototypical condition described in 1943 by Leo Kanner, also known as core autism. However, it is well recognized that there is a spectrum of presentation and a broader autism phenotype with less severe and more subtle … Continue reading “What is autism/autism spectrum disorder?”