How to stop the recurrence of herpes?

How to stop the recurrence of herpes?

Oral Herpes

Oral Herpes is a viral disease that occurs occasionally from the sides of the lips and nose he does. Usually, a recurrence of herpes is when the immune system weakens for any reason. Factors such as stress, somnolence, colds, sudden jumping, fear, Cold and … irritating factors for the activity of the herpes virus.

People who have recurrent herpes should be taken into consideration because of their incidence; for example, if they have herpes Sunshine, avoid exposure to direct sunlight, and it is best to They also learn the basics of stress management.

The use of personal belongings during the period of the disease is mandatory

Herpes of the mouth, inflammation, is part of the skin with tiny blisters, usually the mouth, holes Nose, sometimes appearing on the gums and palms of the mouth. Of course it’s possible to move it to your fingertips And … which is more unusual, there is also. Oral lesions may be confused with pests. The person with herpes has a maximum of several days before, and the symptoms of herpes and herpes in the place where it is supposed She feels herpes. After the formation of lesions, the blisters may be torn and in this Time is the most probable transition. The herpes virus enters the cells after entering the body No longer goes out Herpes should be healed for up to 2 weeks. Otherwise, it should be due to the prolonged course of the disease He came to the doctor. Avoid contact with infants if you have a herpes problem Contact with people with eczema, allergies and skin sensitivities, and people with systemic weakness. Safety (patients with cancer, organ transplantation and AIDS).

A person with herpes does not have to spread her hands to the genitals, eyes and other parts of the body. Sometimes the patient experiences recurring herpes. In this case, you should use anti-viral medicines Slowly These drugs reduce the severity of herpes and increase the subsequent recurrence intervals. Also the possibility of transfer It will reduce the virus to other parts of the body and others. During the course of the illness, try not to contact others and be sure to have your own personal belongings Separate towels, utensils and … from others. Use sunscreens in herpes. the light The sun may worsen the lesion. Use sunscreen in the winter. Herpes usually reappears during the first year, and then the body is somewhat infected with the virus Will be resistant. When the body has a weakened immune system, there is a possibility of recurrence.

If you have been infected, do not kiss the children!

The immune system of the infants is very weak and the probability of a disease such as herpesvirus disease Oral if there is a mother or an individual who has an active herpes to the baby with skin contact has it. Of course, during infancy, the closest person to the mother is a baby, and usually the mother, this Transmits the virus to his child. Herpes lesions can be created around the mouth or inside the gum and the baby’s mucosa. Active herpes That is, lesions have secretions that can cause disease by contacting the child’s skin So, when the lesion is active, the mother should use the mask, she does not kiss the baby and when Baby hugging and hugging Hand your hands well with soap and water and if herpes are on The mother’s breast has been created so that the full recovery of the lesion should avoid breast feeding from the baby Slowly
Herpes alone is not a dangerous disease, but mothers should pay attention to this because of Immune system weakness The baby’s virus may spread rapidly in the body and reach the brain It can be dangerous and even deadly. Of course, this possibility is very low, but it has been seen. The child may also transmit the virus around or in the mouth to the eye and herpes in the area There is an eye in which there is a risk of corneal ulcer. When the mother says she has taken all the hygienic instructions and despite the child being infected, she must Check with your doctor to make sure that you have herpes in your baby’s mouth. Many lesions may be present in the mouths of infants, one of which may be herpes Therefore, the correct diagnosis of the disease should be ensured. If necessary, you can The child prescribed the medication.

If the immune system gets weakened, the herpes recovers

Herpes are transmitted through the secretions of the individual skin to the skin of another person. Of course, one or two days There is a possibility of contagion before the onset of herpes cancer, but transmission is mainly through Skin collision with herpes discharges. All people may have a herpes virus in their body, but the virus is in the body of people It shows different forms. In some, it may only occur once and in some The other recurs repeatedly. In people who begin their activity for the first time in their bodies, it may be severe Such as a baby with a weakened immune system and herpes herpes for the first time. in this The child may have herpes with fever and chills, multiple lesions in the gum and around the mouth, and so on. Intra-oral herpes usually causes infant feeding, that is, a child due to a lesion Or anil and fever and chills caused by it can not milk, but gradually signs even without intervention. The medicine drops and the lesions are destroyed, and the child returns to nutrition. For these children, acyclovir can be used as drops or solvent tablets. If the child is suffering from herpes, the virus may not be active in the body. In fact, body once The entry of the virus is sufficient, but in some people the virus is under certain conditions It begins its activity and is recurrent.


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