Seven complications of polycystic kidney disease

Seven complications of polycystic kidney disease

Polycystic kidney disease

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) though The disease is not well-known, but very Serious and in some situations can even be Deadly This disease involves the growth of cysts Non-cancerous in the kidney, which, over time, They grew and significantly reduced performance They have kidneys. These cysts, although cancerous They are not, but can be filled with liquid and to a degree Grow that kidneys are no longer able to deliver performance Not expected. According to the Iranian era, Failure to treat polycystic kidney disease can be The growth of cysts in other parts of the human body Like the liver. But this is the only serious complication of this Not a disease; in fact, multiple complications arise From this disease can lead to a decline in the health status And even death of the patient. Continue with some Major complications of kidney disease are more polycystic we meet.

High blood pressure

Having a polycystic kidney disease can The face directly affects the patient’s blood pressure To be High blood pressure can also be exacerbated Renal damage as well as the emergence of side effects Another serious, including heart disease and stroke In principle, polycystic kidney disease Patient with a variety of health challenges Impressive. Together, this Challenges of the patient’s physical and psychological well-being Threatened. People who get this The disease is diagnosed in them should be Regularly monitor your blood pressure.

Reduce kidney function

One of the most common side effects of kidney disease Polycystic is a significant reduction in kidney function. The effect of these performance drops can be due to the patient’s age Varies. In the event of a kidney failure, the patient will have a long time Who has given him a new kidney for transplantation Will require dialysis. This could be a long and stressful be waiting

Severe pain

Severe pain, especially in the lower abdomen Lower back, one of the most common side effects Kidney disease is a polycystic. People with The pain caused by urinary tract infections Kidney stones are familiar, the type of pain is also Understand better. In fact, many people You may have polycystic kidney disease with one These conditions make mistakes. If there is a history of illness There are all the polycystic in your family In the episodes mentioned, with severe pain Encountered, refer to the doctor for review Accurate situations are important.

Liver cysts

The general pseudo-polycystic fears are all about Non-carbonic cysts containing liquid in and around The kidneys can lead to a loss of function of this organ Dash and even can completely take it from work However, long-term exposure to illness The polycystic kidney may grow cysts In other important organs, especially the liver. The probability of developing these conditions in old patients Is more polycystic kidney disease. In any case, the lack of treatment is due to kidney disease Polycystic not only can lead to renal failure Leads, but can be similar conditions for Liver

Brain aneurysm

One of the most horrific side effects of kidney disease Polycystic increased risk of cerebral aneurysms, Which involves the formation of a large bulge In a brain blood vessel. Rupture this section Swollen veins can cause severe bleeding around Leading the brain, which can lead to coma or sickness Even death.

Pregnancy problems

Polycystic kidney disease can be a threat Serious health for pregnant women and their fetus Along with Cure for polycythane kidney disease Pregnancy can be a serious illness And life threatening in the name of Percha Catalyst Leads. If not treated properly Fast, Percha Catalypse can lead to patient death Leads.


When the amount occurs Toxins in the body of a person to the threatening levels His life is rising. These conditions are as follows Usually resulting in kidney damage caused Their performance declines, they are formed. At Principle, the onset of kidney disease can be polycystic Leading to kidney failure, which will disfell the body Toxins that threaten the life of the patient are incapable It produces a strong indication of inappropriate performance The kidneys and this might soon be incapable of Work is considered. In case of no work The fall of the kidneys The patient needs dialysis back To have a new kidney for transplantation He will be


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