What is Polymastia?

Polymastia Polymastia is an aesthetic condition characterized by the presence of additional breasts. The extra breast can appear in many forms, from a fully functional third breast or just a small lump of breast tissue with or without nipple or areola. It can be found in any part of the body, such as on the … Continue reading “What is Polymastia?”

Warning signs of bone marrow cancer

Excessive fatigue A tiredness that does not disappear even after adequate rest and following a healthy diet. This feeling is caused by the method of multiply myeloma attacking healthy cells in the bone marrow, which can lead to anemia or incompatible cytokine production. Anemia Anemia occurs when the number of red blood cells reaches very … Continue reading “Warning signs of bone marrow cancer”

What is Rhizism ?

Rhizism Rashitism or bone softness is a bone disease in children that causes weakening of the bones, parotid legs and deformities in the limbs. For these reasons, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D are not adequately supplied to bone production for some reason. Who is more at risk? The following people are more likely to develop … Continue reading “What is Rhizism ?”

What causes diabetes in pregnancy?

Diabetes in pregnancy Diabetes, the fourth leading cause of blindness around the world after tracheal diseases, water Black and Cataracts. This indicates the high importance of this disease It is very important that you take it seriously during pregnancy. In this article We talked about healthy complications from diabetes in pregnancy. We recommend this Do … Continue reading “What causes diabetes in pregnancy?”