Myasthenia gravis -symptoms and 11 natural remedies

Myasthenia gravis

Myasthenia gravis and management of symptoms

symptoms and 11 natural remedies

Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disorder that causes severe muscle weakness To be This weakness usually occurs in the eye and face but can be felt in the neck, fingers, Arms, legs, breasts and other places. Weakness becomes worse after exercise, and better with rest Heals. Although this disease can be serious, most people with myasthenia gravis They have a good quality of life, they respond well to treatments, and expect normal life have.

What is Myasthenia Graves?

Myasthenia is sometimes referred to as MG, and is a disorder Autoimmune is nervous and muscular. The immune system, the signals sent from the brain to the muscles It blocks and then the muscles can not respond properly. This disease is one A rare and long-term (chronic) condition that has at least 20 people per 1,000,000 people worldwide It affects it. This situation is reflected in women aged 20 and 30 and in men 50 and 60 years of age, and mention this point It is not amiss that women are more likely to be in this situation than men.

Myasthenia gravismaster weakens skeletal muscle – the muscle that the body uses to move Slow down. It usually gets better after a break and gets worse after exercise. Though most of the time It affects the eyes (myasthenia) is called ophthalmic / visual. When it is over Other muscles do not affect well (myasthenia can be on the face, neck, speech, throat, arms and legs influence. About 10% of people with myasthenia gravis have a condition on the muscle Which helps them breathe them and force them to use breathing apparatus Artificially. When that happens, it’s called the “myasthenia crisis.”

What is the future for people with Myasthenia gravis?

There is no known cure for Myasthenia gravis, but there are many treatments available Which helps most people with this disorder control enough symptoms. As The usual symptoms get worse, especially in the first three years after diagnosis / however, most people follow Treatments improve the symptoms of the disease. In some people, the disease will disappear completely for a period of time, which will “improve the disease.” Called. In many cases, this disorder lasts for 5 years and in some people it may never again be a disorder Do not return In other cases, the disease may develop to the point where the use of the drug is no longer necessary Not be In general, the forecast is very good. Many people have symptoms with medications and treatments They are controlled naturally and will have a high quality of life.

Myasthenia gravis

How to figure out how we are?

A doctor should check you out. Do not try to check your symptoms yourself Because symptoms of other illnesses may be common with the disease, and in the diagnosis, it’s a mistake do. Myasthenia gravis diagnosis based on medical history, signs, physical examinations, and so on Tests like:

Neural tests for muscle examination, involuntary reactions, balance, coordination and the power.
Eye examinations for bipolar examination and other visual concerns.
Serofonium test “For this test, a chemical called Infusion of chloride injected Gets If you improve your muscle strength, you may have Myasthenia gravis.
Ice Cream Test “In this experiment, you put an ice pack on your eyelid.
See the situation It will improve. Instead of testing the edophyron, it may be.
Blood tests to check the antibodies or proteins made by the immune system as possible It will bump your nerves to your muscles. Repetitive nerve stimulation “is done repeatedly to your nerves’ ability to Checking muscle movement.
Respiratory tests to check how well you breathe. Imaging such as CT or MRI to search for tumors or problems.
Electromyography to measure the electrical connection between your brain and a muscle fiber.

Myasthenia gravis signs and symptoms

In addition to muscle weakness, when you get worse, and when you relax The other symptoms are: Wilting of the eyelids Double Problems when talking (for example, when speaking, your voice is as normal as before is not Problems with chewing or swallowing (also called dysphagia) Disability in facial movements for example, difficulty laughing Fatigue (especially tiredness after exercise) Problem getting upstairs, picking up things, or doing repetitive moves Respiratory problems

What symptoms do you have in the case of myasthenia gravis?

They have only eye-related problems for the first three years, they may not experience the other symptoms. The neck and jaw are also often the most influential members of the body. The disorder is on talking, chewing, Swallowing and controlling the head affects. When Myasthenia Graves affects the head and neck It can make your voice nasty when you speak. You may also feel disabling Talk about it or bite after a few minutes of chewing. Many people with Myasthenia gravis have the best feeling in the morning after a good night’s sleep And the afternoon they feel weak. However, signs can change day by day Different.

Risk factors

How does Myasthenia gravis happen?

This disorder occurs when an abnormal obstruction by the immune system The body is there. The body generates proteins called antibodies that are receptors Involve muscle. When the receptors are blocked or deactivated, they will not muscle Receive signals that are sent by the nerves, resulting in impaired motor and weakness Becomes muscular. If we want to talk more technical, the nerves call something acetylcholine to move on to the muscles Prevents They send. People with myasthenia gravis have their own immune system mistaken Acetylcholine binding to muscle receptors. While the general cause of myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune problem; it is unclear what Something prompts the immune system to produce antibodies that slow down muscle response Slowly However, many people with this disorder also have problems with the Thymus gland. Food Timoxi is a small limb that works in childhood and puberty Cells to fight infection and protect our bodies from attack.
As we grow older, thymus becomes smaller and more wrinkled, and slowly adds to the amount of fat It does not make any more work. But for many people with myasthenia Graves, there are many cells in the Thymus gland, such as Tumors Cancerous or benign. After that, Timous does not effectively stop the cells that produce the antibody; therefore Antibodies block muscle receptors and cause myasthenia gravis. The cause of myasthenia gravis may be due to your gene, though this disorder Gene is not known, but it’s likely that people inherited certain genes that are most likely to be Creates Myasthenia Graves. Then when they are with an irritant They may encounter an environment that may cause signs to develop. Myasthenia gravis treatment All people need medical treatment for myasthenia gravis. However, when there is anomaly You may interfere in your daily life or cause your discomfort; you may want to Look for a way to treat it. If this condition affects your breathing and eating status You should seek treatment because these symptoms can be dangerous.

Myasthenia grave sweat treatment options include

Cholinesterase inhibitors also called anticholinesterases. These drugs cause Increases acetylcholine that your muscles can use. After using this Medications, symptoms quickly decrease in a few minutes, but there may be some side effects Have an unpleasant feeling. The side effects of these drugs include diarrhea and excessive saliva in the mouth. Your doctor then The review should find the right dose for you. Most people with myasthenia gravis to others Medications need to help manage your symptoms, but some people only use cholinesterase inhibitors They also used the result. Corticosteroids or immunosuppressive drugs. These medications may have immune system Prevent your body from creating antibodies against acetylcholine. If they work well, they are receivers The muscles will not be blocked and may be able to signal the neural signals ordered Get moving. These drugs can have serious side effects and may be You need to have regular blood tests or other tests. Pulsarphrasis This method replaces the patient’s blood by using a patient’s blood plate. The effects of this procedure take several weeks until your body produces more antibodies to make the muscle out Get nerve signals forbidden. Antibody. There are two types of therapies that try to change the immune system Give Treatment with intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg). ) Natural Antibodies in the veins It puts you and temporarily stops the immune system from creating blockers. Monoclonal antibody treatment will take medications such as rituximab into your veins. Slowly This drug is used to reduce the number of a specific white blood cell in your veins
Your immune system can then largely stop blocking muscle receptors Slowly surgery. Many people with myasthenia gravis or tumor problems have. Even if they do not have this problem, Removal of Thymus Gland may reduce the symptoms of the disease, be useful. In many cases, the removal of the Tymos gland does not require any other medications and all the symptoms of Goes away Its effects may be permanent, but sometimes they do not happen properly and months later It takes even years to become useful. Talk to your doctor about the best treatment that he has been given to you, as possible Some treatments are better than others. Best choices for age, health and medications Your other consumption depends.

11 Natural remedies for Myasthenia gravis

There are many ways that people with Myasthenia gravis can get their symptoms through them Reduce. In general, these natural treatments for myasthenia gravis include:
– Rehabilitation of breathing muscles Go ahead with the app.
– Often, have small meals in your diet. Have a diet that meets the needs of Myasthenia Graves.
– Make your home safer. Avoid work done by hand as much as possible. Like construction work.
– Use an ophthalmologist.
– Take a shower Avoid Myasthenia Stimulants.
– Try Traditional Chinese Medicine. Talk to a physiotherapist.

  1. Respiratory muscle strengthening exercises: Research shows people who have exercises They have breathing, they have a higher level of tolerance and less respiratory interruption.
    These exercises will help you To strengthen your breathing muscles. The purpose of the treatment is that you have a respiratory problem Do not have the chance to reduce the “myasthenic crisis” as much as possible.
  2. Go ahead with the program: you may feel tired at the end of the day. If Plan your daily activities based on your energy throughout the day, maybe better You can do your daily work. )
    For example, after waking up in the morning or after one Rest in the evening
  3. Small meals: Many people with myasthenia gravis The problem is chewing, especially when the food is tight, like pork or steak. If your jaw Get tired or overwhelmed while eating, be careful while eating. Think about eating small meals, not feeling tired before eating out. May To get the same amount of calories you need to eat more. You can also for convenience Most of the foods like soup, cooked vegetables, fish, Stew, lentils, bananas, rice, oatmeal and oatmeal. . . eat.
  4. Diet to meet the needs of myasthenia gravis: people with myasthenia Graves may be overweight, bone marrow, side effects such as medication Nausea or diarrhea, potassium deficiency and fluid retention. You can create Changes in your diet will reduce the symptoms of this disorder, for example: Eat more vegetables, grains and protein and watch out for your calories. Ask your doctor for a supplement of calcium and vitamin D. You may be at least 1000 days Mg calcium and 800 units of vitamin D are needed. If you have diarrhea or stomach upset, eat fatty foods, spicy or high-fiber foods and dairy products (except yogurt). (Avoid. Foods rich in potassium such as avocados, bananas, potatoes and orange juice.
  5. Make your home safer: What are your home challenges when you’re tired? What makes it worse? Are the steps on the stairs slippery? By eliminating the weaknesses of the house less chance of injuries Getting in when you’re tired. Some things that can be useful in this regard From : Place the bars or fences near the staircase and in the bathroom. Clean the floors of the building and the home. Use high-power automatic seats.
  6. Avoid Handling: Many people with Myasthenia Graves may be There is a need for adaptation in their work lives; however, there are some simple changes that can be made At home and all day to restrict the energy used for your activities Give One of the easiest of these changes is the use of electric toothbrushes!
  7. Ophthalmology: If you have two nose, you might be able to use it for a blindfold Stop for a while. Take care to use a single blind spot and stay on the eye for a day Right, for a while, on the left eye, so that it is not pressed too much on one eye. It is done, indicating that the baths are long and hot water
  8. Bath: Recent research It’s for body metabolism and inflammation. Of course, if “heat” is one of the stimulants Your symptoms are disturbing, an hour in hot baths is not likely to be a good treatment for you!
  9. Avoid Myasthenia Graves Injury Stimulators: Some People With This The conditions know that there are certain triggers that cause a worst misconception or worse day by day Symptoms become disturbed. Factors that harm you and you must avoid them include:- Lack of sleep
    – Stress Sickness
    – Anger the pain Depression
    – High temperature Intense
    – light Hot foods and drinksAlcohol Tonic water Some chemicals Note that some medications may also aggravate myasthenia gravis symptoms. However, before Talk with your doctor about stopping taking medication.
  10. Traditional Chinese Medicine: Some Certain Studies, The Effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Myasthenia Graves are promising.
    However, they are still investigating these issues and it is better for them Observe caution. Make sure your doctor and traditional Chinese medicine specialist have all the things They know what you eat, including supplements and herbs.
  11. Speak to a physiotherapist: although physiotherapy should, as it should, be for Myasthenia Graves However, there is a report of a child with Myasthenia gravis who after A few months of physiotherapy and massage have achieved a complete recovery of this disorder.
    This may only be It is an accident, because the chance of a myasthenia gravis recovery in children is more than that of adults.
    Caution Myasthenia crisis can be deadly. If you notice a feeling of weak sudden or if you feel An abnormal weakness that made it hard for you to talk and breathe, get medical help immediately

Myasthenia gravis
may be more challenging to eat a regular diet or enjoy it. To be part of it. This can lead to malnutrition unless you work hard to get it Make sure you still have a good balance between healthy food and adequate calories. If you have trouble chewing or swallowing food, it means you’re losing weight, with one Talk to a nutritionist.

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