Herpes to the Lip and Mouth: Causes and Treatments

Herpes to the Lip and Mouth

Herpes to the Lip and Mouth

Herpes, often called blistering, is a small sore scrotum or blister-like lesions on the lips, chin and cheeks. Causing pain Inside the nasal holes, and sometimes on the gums or mouth of the mouth. Herpes usually Or itching becomes permanent and continuous. These herpes are caused by a herpes virus, and usually burning No treatment will be lost within 7 to 10 days In case of herpes, contact your doctor in the following cases If you have fever and high chills; high fever may be dangerous If the herpes ulcer is very painful, you may need to use a home If the herpes begin to spread, antiviral drugs may be required


Type 1 is created. The virus is via HSV (usually herpes simplex virus) Calls such as kissing a person infected or eating from their containers and using a towel or magnifying glass of affected people Will be transferred. Herpes can spread up to 20 days after exposure to the virus. during The virus enters the body, it may appear. About two days before the attack, the herpes virus may be person Feel itching or local allergy. The virus can be caused by certain foods, stress, fever, Allergies, allergies, somnolence and menstruation

Herpes to the Lip and Mouth


Many people suffer from herpes simplex virus, but they do not see any signs of it. They only realized once Infections are caused by the virus, which causes herpes to appear. The first time that herpes, as part of a Primary infection may appear to be severe. After that, herpes are a sign of the herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2. Herpes is the only symptom of the recurrence of the virus in the body. In most cases, there are no signs or symptoms There is no other recognizable herpes infections.
Extreme symptoms affect children more because of the children’s body There was still not enough time to build the defense antibodies.
Symptoms may include these Wound and mouth ulcers, blisters,
Or tongue pain and burning mouth
Inflation of the lip
Swallowing problems Sore throat
Influence of the glands
Body temperature

Stages of Herpes

Herpes is created in several steps Needles, itching or burning around the mouth often indicate the onset of herpes spider episode. Then
Liquids are often formed around the bottom lip. The glands may swell Looks often appear in the same place every time. Pain and burning around the herpes is increased Looks loose and secretes fluid inside it A yellow skin develops over the wound, and it tends to cover the face of the face, which is not without Creates no injured area


Herpes and herpes usually have no complications, except sometimes in patients who have a weak immune system.
Possible complications include: This occurs when the pain in the mouth and throat reduces the patient’s desire to drink fluids: dehydration
The herpes virus spreads to other parts of the body, for example, hands and causes the appearance of: a thumb or fingernail infection. Blistering on your fingers usually occurs. Antiviral drugs are cut or scratched through the skin They can treat these complications Causes: Herpes simplex infection The secondary infection causes the eye to swell and burn, which is likely to occur A scar on the eyelid. Antiviral drugs can usually help with the removal of herpes. If treatment is appropriate . The cornea may become infected, and therefore the vision will be lost If the virus spreads to the brain, the brain swells. This inflammation is a serious risk to inflammation of the brain There is brain damage and even death is possible. Inflammation of the brain is very rare due to herpes. Medications Anti-viruses are injected directly into the patient’s blood stream, which is usually effective


Which causes herpes, your doctor may have to (HSV) (to diagnose herpes simplex virus Simplicity examines the herpes and may take an example. It may also have blood for antibodies Related to the virus. Positive antibody testing only proves that you are a virus, but active or It does not indicate whether the virus is inactive or when the virus is infected

Herpes treatment

The most common type of herpes herpes disappears within 1 to 2 weeks without treatment. Some ointments and antiviral drugs It may shorten the duration of the clash with the disease and reduce the pain and discomfort

Antiviral drugs

Can shorten the period of infection recurrence. Most ointments such as (OTC) are an anesthetic herpes without prescription They contain acyclovir or pennecyurea. Ointments are only effective when taken after the Soothelip zivirax Needle puncture and appearance of herpes symptoms. The ointment should have five times the best effect Apply daily for 4 to 5 days. The ointment can destroy the herpes symptoms, but the virus still remains It’s fine. Ointments do not prevent recurrence of herpes in the future

Oral antiviral drugs

Vasyclovir, acyclovir, or famacyclovir are oral antiviral drugs. If the first signs Immediately thereafter, there is a significant period of herpes appearing from these oral medicines, this antivirus Improvement of herpes is short or even stopped. A disease that infects a few times a year can be this It should be used every day to prevent the recurrence of the disease

Ways to relieve pain

Some ointments are available without a prescription, which does not include antiviral drugs. For example These ointments may reduce discomfort. The above mentioned processes are .Cymex, or Blistex, Bonjela It does not expedite the treatment of herpes, but it may help relieve dry herpes causing itching or pain, Help. Patients should put these ointments on the wound without rubbing them, then wash their hands. Persons Ointment should not be used jointly with other people with herpes


Ibuprofen or Tylenol containing paracetamol may help reduce pain. These paints are in the form of a liquid for Children are available. Pregnant women who have a history of herpes should be given a choice of quick treatment options Talk to your doctor about your lips

Patients with poor immune

system Or AIDS, or those who are under chemotherapy, may have HIV with patients who, for example, have Because of their weak immune system, they are compromised. Infection may be Other parts of the body, including the eye, spread to the risk of swelling and inflammation of the brain. It is possible for these patients Visit the doctor. The treatment of these patients depends on severity Antiviral tablets are prescribed. They must be sure Their symptoms and their medical condition

Dentistry and herpes

If you have herpes and plan to go to a dentist, first contact your dentist about your herpes condition. speak. Some dentists prefer to have on the tooth with active herpes until complete recovery Because the damaged site may be painful, as well as the possibility of leaving the teeth during treatment There is also a herpes disorder


When a scar exists, one must:
– Do not kiss or touch skin with other people
– Use common towels, lips,
– cutlery, and other items with others
– Handle completely Avoid handling other parts of the body, especially
– susceptible areas, such as the penis and the eye.
– If you touch the wound, wash hands thoroughly with warm water and soap


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