Everything about oral pest

Everything about oral pest

Initial information:

The general explanation for the mouth of the mouth is the painful wounds that come into the oral mucosa. Pulmonary arthritis is not cancerous. Oral pest may be confused with herpes infection (due to herpes virus). This type of ulcer can occur in both sexes, but is more common in women

Common Symptoms:

Wound in the mouth with the following characteristics: Small, very painful, shallow, and covered with a gray membrane. Their margin is surrounded by a bright red halo. These ulcers can appear on the lips, gums, intestines, tongues, palms and throats. At the time of the attack, there are usually 3 to 2 wounds, but the appearance of one in a row is 15-10 wounds with each other is very unlikely. Scars may be very painful in the first 3 or 2 days in such a way that people get upset when they eat or talk. Sometimes there is a feeling of itching or burning for 24 hours before the ulcer.
Everything about oral pest


The exact cause is unknown, but the following causes are more likely: Emotional or physical stress, anxiety, or premenstrual nervous discomfort Damage to oral mucosa due to roughness of artificial teeth, hot food, brushing, or dental work Irritation and stimulation from foods such as chocolate, sour and acidic foods (vinegar, smoked foods), nuts or salt chips Viral infections


Brush your teeth daily at least twice a day, and regularly use toothpaste to keep your teeth and teeth clean. Even try to avoid stress. Avoid close contact with people with an infection. Please note that the pest is most likely to occur after eating. Avoid eating foods that seem to trigger an attack.

Expected outcomes:

Most of the pestilence wounds get good after 2 weeks. Recurrent pest attacks are common. The pest may occur as a wound, up to 2-3 times a year, until several wounds per year occur uninterruptedly.

Possible complications:

In severe cases of difficult and difficult eating and drinking, the body can be watered down.


It is generally possible to recommend wound cultures to differentiate the pest from the herpes ulcer, or possibly to detect secondary bacterial infection. Rinse mouth 3 times or more with salt solution (half a teaspoon salt of salt dissolved in about one glass of water) daily, provided it is not very painful. Clean the wounds with eyelids regularly or something similar to 2% peroxide impregnated. If the pest is caused by the roughness of the teeth, brace or artificial teeth, refer to the dentist. As long as these types of problems do not resolve, the mouth of the mouth can not be good.


Local anesthetics to relieve pain Dough contains a derivative of steroid plus triamcinolone acetonide. If it is rubbed as soon as the wound begins, it can prevent the onset of pain. Keep the drug prescribed for previous pest infestations. In the event of a recurrence of pest, take it immediately. The treatment will begin as soon as possible, the pest will be milder.


There is no limit to it, except to avoid foods that make pests worse. As pest heals, you can drink more fluids and have a balanced diet. Drink fluids with water to relieve pain. Foods that cause less pain include: Milk, Liquid Gelatin, Yogurt and Ice Cream.

Refer to your doctor in this situation:

If the body temperature reaches 38.9 ° C or higher.
– If, despite treatment, the pest does not improve within 3 days.
– If the pain is intolerable and will not be reduced by treatment.
– Lowers weight if a child who pests her mouth

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