How to control yourself when discussing with your spouse?

control yourself

Whatever the men should do about how to control the debate in a long term relationship To know

When people enter long-term relationships, discussions are somewhat inevitable To be No matter how much you love each other, how much do you love each other, to Anyway, you will discuss each other. Even at times, these discussions will be loud Was. If two people live together for a long time, talk about different things Will do. In fact, the discussion is in a very good relationship. Discussions show that each Do you care about each other? Of course, there is no permanent discussion of a relationship It is not good, but it can also lead to more severe disagreements. Dr. Nancy Irwin, a psychotherapist, says: “Debates are not so bad. They are Can bring you closer together. “He is not the only one who believes that the discussions There is no sign of a problem between couples. Clinical psychologist Dr. Hilary Godaldhor “The existence of a difference in a relationship is not only normal, but also healthy. When two people have long relationships with each other, there are issues that need to be addressed Discussion and avoiding it is almost impossible. It is important that people Understanding how and when to solve it.
Many people believe that discussion is a kind of skill. No, we mean It’s not a winner – it’s a different issue, you should not worry about it Be sure not to win. Rather, the skill you need to worry about, how to control it The debate is: when and where it happens, how you end it, how You pause and allow the opposite side to make it sound and maybe important Most of all, how are you convinced if you are even sure that you are right

Time is very important in discussing with your spouse

Not only knowing how to discuss is of great importance, but also the time of discussion It is very important. The challenge to solve a wrong time discussion can lead to results Which are less desirable. Dr. Betani Simmons, Professor of Family Therapy He says: “Couples who respect each other in discussing each other’s response, and they know that When to discuss each other, they will get better results. Couples for Dialogue planning and trying to solve their important issues On a daily or weekly basis, can easily solve the problem of relationships Solve yourself. Very often, planning to discuss is not possible, then What to do in these situations ….

control yourself

Solve your discussions at home

Couples should better resolve their issues between themselves and privately and disclose them Refrain from others. Everyone wants to be happy when they are all People know it. Debating in front of others makes things harder. Unfortunately, not Ensure that there is always a debate starting at home. You can not stop the start The debate has taken place, but it can be controlled. By remembering this point, if in between the sum Know that tension is rising, try to stay calm, but it’s better Suggest to your opponent that it is best to keep this issue in your privacy and at the end Solve the night, or if you have started the discussion yourself, remember yourself that you need to solve the problem Solve between yourself and not in the aggregate. Of Things That May Exacerbate Tension Between you, strongly refrain. It may be time to solve a lot of things. Doctor tina BB “Disagreement always requires two people,” Tesina says. If you have a discussion Do not, your other party can not argue without you. If this matter in time Inappropriately, you can only solve it temporarily (delay the discussion, Go to the house, leave the restaurant (and wait for everything to calm down).However, be careful not to upset your opponent. If you run away from the discussion Ask the other side to think that you are not thinking about what caused him discomfort Think it’s you who decide where and when to discuss, make things worse You have done. Let her know that her concerns and beliefs are of great importance to you (Even if you are opposed to his ideas). This will make him even better Your ideas will be respected. One way to do this is to say: “It seems.” Rese Both of us see this differently, your ideas are important to me. Is You want to discuss this topic when we go home so I can really get on it What do you want to focus on? “If this sentence did not work, and one of you could not wait for another, you have to Get ready to control this situation right away. Perhaps you would prefer a quieter place for Continue the discussion. Just remember that the middle of the table is a great place at the restaurant It is not a good way to solve the controversy (it may even make things worse). Instead of Quit that you can solve the problem privately. Warning: If you ask someone else to stop the discussion between you, or without the party Ask your counterpart, get up and go or get defensive, take the worst off You’ve done it.

Stay away from discussing with your spouse

When you talk to someone else in the middle, no matter how important the issue is, Maintaining distance is of great importance. Any look at each other may cause Stimulate your feelings. Even if you still talk about your talk Not being together, being together can slow down the process of solving the problem. In most discussions, both people are to some extent guilty – even if this does not look like that. At Indeed, in order to solve the argument, both parties must do what they have said or do something wrong They have to accept, to understand each other’s position. The next time you enter the discussion, try From Hmdgyr away) in a manner fully respectful (. Make yourself calm And do the best to evaluate this situation – think that You have been hurt for something and the other side was upset for something Is.

Do not be ashamed to surrender in marital discussions

One of the hardest lessons to learn in a long-term relationship is that Winning a debate is a naughty victory, and both of you are just night You have ruined your beauty. Sharon Martin recommends: “Think so you’re in A similar team. The goal is not to win the debate. The goal is to Respect each other and meet the needs of each other. This advice comes with a few warnings. Altogether, leaving the discussion means it’s abandoned The discussion is good. It’s not about time to tell you right. Secondly, you let yourself Do not upset about this issue. You have to try to keep the balance. Can not convince, but you want to end the discussion? Unity can be weird It looks like Say to your opponent: “I hear everything you hear, and I know really why I’m upset you …. “You can say this sentence without the need Release the discussion, drop it from 90 to zero.

Reconcile, love and really make compromise

The main method for resolving any dispute between you and your spouse is compromise. Compromise must be From both sides. Think of it, because without compromise, one of these two things happens falls down. Or this discussion continues forever or one of them without regard to What else you want to end the discussion. Dr. Goulders agrees that compromise is one of the main principles of resolution The difference is. Both couples should think about finding a solution, not just one of them. At The areas that you can live with are less than what you expect, decisions do. ” Whether your discussion is about how to decorate your home or about weekend holidays You argue, the best result is always to make a decision both of you Happy

Make mistakes in marital discussions

Very often, it’s hard to make a mistake. If you really get what your spouse is It’s upset to be careful, maybe you understand that he is right. Things often We are saddened by our wife, the things we ignore. Pride Can distinguish between a successful relationship. Be prepared to accept the mistake Bring you closer. If you accept your mistake, the other party is wrong Will accept.

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