Checking from zero to a hundred gastric lavage surgery

Checking from zero to a hundred gastric lavage surgery

Today, the problem of weight loss and obesity treatment is one of the basic problems in the head The world is considered. There are many people who are looking for a way For weight loss and control; Gastric ulcer surgery, one of the methods Treatments for weight loss and dehydration. Go further to further investigate this We will issue the subject. Obesity has become a dilemma not only in Iran, but also around the world. Any A person who does not have enough mobility or is overeating will suffer from obesity. Of course These are not the only cause of obesity and some diseases and genetics Can cause obesity. What causes obesity, one side It is a case and more important than the cause of being susceptible to illness Different as a result of obesity.

Why are we obese?

Obesity has many reasons, which is one of its rare causes, endocrine diseases Genetics is, of course, something more worrisome about obesity in different societies There are obesity caused by lifestyle. Obesity associated with Lifestyle can be any person of any age and with any social status, Engage This type of obesity is due to lack of mobility and overeating Coming. In addition, due to the fact that there is a lack of time and ability to make a living They have been using ready-made foods or fast food, which is one thing One of the main reasons is obesity. That’s over obesity Worried, it is a disease that is associated with obesity Coming. For example, diabetes, illnesses Cardiovascular, hypertension, joint and bone problems, fatty liver and … Some diseases that are caused by obesity. Obesity can also be Causing depression and anxiety and affect the quality of life of an individual.

When it comes to obesity

First of all, you should consider the problem of obesity prevention, because prevention It can be much simpler and less expensive. Urban spaces should be used for this purpose Designed to make a person more active. Education Healthy cooking can also play a role in preventing obesity Be Restricting ads such as chips, puffs, soft drinks and industrial juices Very necessary. In addition, consumption of simple sugars (edible) should be used The confectionery is limited and does not have to be the sweetness of children It’s simple to get used to, because this type of sugar is addictive and you have a strong desire for it Uses them, resulting in obesity from a young age.

Checking from zero to a hundred gastric lavage surgery

Choose easier ways

Treatment for obesity is not an easy treatment and one can not be too fat Healed. For this purpose, one must be very patient. From the scientific methods and Uncomplicated, used for weight loss and affected by advertising No risky and unpleasant methods. To lose weight you must first of all cause Obesity is evident, and in case of various diseases, it should be Treat or control to be able to expect weight loss. Obesity should be by the team Consisting of specialists to be treated. If a person improves with simple methods and with a proper diet and exercise Did not have to go to other methods.

When obesity is dangerous

Today, gastric surgeries are aimed at reducing the amount of advertising Some people are affected by these advertisements, which they can do to the surgical knuckle Risks and complications. Goal Gastric Surgery Algerie is not suitable for all people and is recommended only when the person is BMI (Body Mass Index) has high and other weight loss methods, No results. When a person has a BMI 30, he is overweight And BMI 30 is considered to be obesity and BMI over 40 is obesity. Deadly. With a BMI of about 35, it’s likely that you have diabetes, heart disease Vascular and … very high. People who have high BMIs can be one of them Choose stomach surgical procedures with a doctor’s advice. some of Advertisements claim that people with diabetes and insulin-related, after doing Such actions can put aside the use of insulin, if obese people with Such a goal is to carry out surgery for the stomach, they must be aware that this The claim is not correct and should not be affected by the advertising under the surgical blade.

Stomach to shrink

There are many ways to change the stomach. One of these methods is the balloon. In this method, the balloon is inserted into the stomach by the endoscope to give weight to the individual Decrease the volume of the stomach and decrease appetite, slightly lower and after the initial weight loss, Another surgeon called “Baips” will be done for the individual. This method is a method It is temporary, while in some advertisements it is used as a permanent method Weight loss is considered. In addition, the balloon method is not suitable for young people. Next method Laparoscopic surgery is a band. In this surgical procedure through An electrosurgical paraposcopy is performed, with a ring in the upper part of the stomach. Stomach Surgery (Slug), Another Stomach Surgery Technique Al-Ghari In this way, the stomach will be stomach and the interior The stomach becomes a narrow tube. Another type of this type of surgeries, Bypass, in which the method of connecting part of the small intestine to the stomach, at least 70 cm from the intestinal absorption path.

What are the tolls?

Gastric surgeries with a low blood pressure, such as other surgeries But if the health and health of the patient are at risk due to obesity, This kind of surgeries should definitely be done. Stomach surgeries should be under the supervision of a team A medical specialist such as digestion, nutrition, glands, and experienced surgeons Psychologist to be done. Surgical complications can be very wide according to its type But in general, problems such as fistula, bleeding, bloating, stenosis, pain, burping, Nausea, food leakage, reflux), acid back from the stomach to the esophagus (and … some Complications of this type of surgery. People who have Helicobacter must be sure before doing this type of surgery Patients with cardiovascular disease or diabetes should be treated with certain conditions Surgery with caution. Because high weight causes dangers from anesthesia The body weight should be reduced to some extent before surgery Dangers are low. People who carry out these surgeries, due to reduced absorption Minerals and vitamins should use supplements under the supervision of a dietician, In addition, it should not be forgotten that when it comes to lifestyle And nutrition, despite these surgeries, is still a possibility of a return to obesity it has.


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