What causes diabetes in pregnancy?

Diabetes in pregnancy

Diabetes, the fourth leading cause of blindness around the world after tracheal diseases, water Black and Cataracts. This indicates the high importance of this disease It is very important that you take it seriously during pregnancy. In this article We talked about healthy complications from diabetes in pregnancy. We recommend this Do not miss the article !

Eye and retinal specialist pointed out that pregnancy causes changes Hormones, said pregnancy, the damage from diabetes to the eye up to 2 times So diabetes patients who want to become pregnant should be Be careful about your eyes.
Dr. Mohammad Bagher Rajabi, Blood Glucose Control and Regular Exams People emphasized and advised them to visit the specialist doctor every three months for examination Look at the eye.
He continued: the eyes, like some organs of the body, have complications from the disease Diabetes (Diabetes) that affects the nerves of the eye, dry eye and damage to The cornea and retina are among these complications.

He continued: the eyes, like some organs of the body, have complications from the disease Diabetes (Diabetes) that affects the nerves of the eye, dry eye and damage to The cornea and retina are among these complications.
Rajabi said that when it comes to diabetes mellitus, perhaps the first The part that comes to mind is damage to the retina, but the reality is often The parts of the eye are damaged due to diabetes.
He pointed out that damage to the eye lacrimal glands is one of the complications of diabetes “Many diabetic patients suffer from dry eyes, and they need to Use eye drops continuously.

Eye specialist and retinal specialist continued that small vessels were due to diabetes They are damaged, so the nerves that supply the nerves of the eye are also exposed And the diabetic person may be crippled by sight and deviation Look at the doctors.
He declared cornea damage another complication of diabetes and said:
Eye damage to the cornea is seen in these patients, although damage is low but this The eye member is also involved.
Rajabi continued: Diabetic patients undergoing refractive surgery You need to be more careful about the corneal ulcer, it may take longer to repair their wounds. This condition increases the risk of infection and the person may have corneal infection.

About 35% of diabetic people in Iran suffer from retinal damage Eye specialist and retinal specialist pointing out that retinal damage is affected
Diabetes mellitus has been reported in the world from 7% to 39%, said about 35%. The percentage of diabetics in Iran is affected by retina.
He found diabetes-induced retina damage the most common cause of blindness in people between 20 and 50 years of age The 70-year-old said, “It can make a lot of people blind Are at the age of activity.

Rajabi continued: Damage to diabetes retina, the fourth cause of blindness The world is after catarrhal diseases (Cataracts), trachoma and black water This indicates the importance of the disease.
He stated: In 60% of people with type 2 diabetes who are more than 15 to 20 years old We are expecting a retinal involvement. In type 1 diabetes
Usually, after 20 years, all patients have a degree of retinal involvement.
Eye specialist and retinal specialist pointing out that patients who
At the same time, blood pressure and blood glucose are likely to cause retinal involvement It increases significantly, said the amount of retinal damage in diabetic patients Smokers or people with high blood lipids.

Rajabi continued, “Typically, type 1 diabetes is diagnosed and advised.”
They can refer to the doctor between 3 and 5 years, but diagnose the type of diabetes 2 It usually takes a long time because it is recommended as soon as it is detected Diabetes may be referred to an ophthalmologist to check the status of the retina.
He pointed to the problem of retinal swelling and added: “When the patient has a swelling The retina uses a new drug like Avastin that is injected into the eye It reduces the swelling of the retina.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder (in the body) in the body The ability to produce insulin hormone is lost in the body or against insulin It is resistant and therefore insulin production can not perform its normal function. The main role of insulin is to lower blood sugar by various mechanisms. Diabetes There are three main types: Type 1, Type 2, and Pregnancy.
Diabetes has early and late complications of cardiovascular disease, neuropathy (Nerve injury), nephropathy (kidney disease) and ocular (including complications) Late diabetes and toxoidosis or diabetic coma, hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, including Early complications of this disease.

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