What is in a cigarette ?

What is a cigarette? Most substances that have stimulant qualities, including the nicotine in cigarettes, produce brief feelings of improvement in mood. Once a person is addicted, smoking usually suppresses symptoms of withdrawal, which the smoker then associates with feeling relaxed.Smoking a cigarette A cigarette is a small cylinder of finely cut tobacco leaves rolled … Continue reading “What is in a cigarette ?”

Pure and Applied chemistry

Have you ever wondered what is chemistry????? what do the chemists do???? why chemistry is a science and not i don’t know an art for example???? why chemistry has a noble price while the math doesn’t???? is chemistry just a science with one major???? thus lets read this article and know about chemistry, applied chemistry, … Continue reading “Pure and Applied chemistry”

Chemistry and Chemists

Let us start this article with a chemistry joke: Don’t trust atoms, they make up everything. What is chemistry, what do chemists do? Chemistry is a science that describes the physical properties, composition, structure and reactions of matter. To understand this definition more clearly we need to define some terms. Matter – Anything that has … Continue reading “Chemistry and Chemists”

The chemistry of love

Love and chemistry Doctor  Michael liebowitz, wrote a book in 1983 entitled the chemistry of love, you as a reader might think we are going to write about love, due to the title,but let us surprise you, in that very book he emphasised the aphrodisiac properties  of CHOCOLATE, and linked to the chemical phenylethlomin (PEA) … Continue reading “The chemistry of love”