Cardiac Tumors and Trauma

Cardiac Tumors Tumors involving the heart may be primary or metastatic; both are rare. Although a variety of metastatic tumors has been described in the heart, the most common are malignant melanomas, leukemia, and lymphomas. The treatment of metastatic tumors is treatment of the primary malignancy. Primary cardiac tumors may be benign or malignant. Myxoma … Continue reading “Cardiac Tumors and Trauma”

Checking from zero to a hundred gastric lavage surgery

Today, the problem of weight loss and obesity treatment is one of the basic problems in the head The world is considered. There are many people who are looking for a way For weight loss and control; Gastric ulcer surgery, one of the methods Treatments for weight loss and dehydration. Go further to further investigate … Continue reading “Checking from zero to a hundred gastric lavage surgery”

How is gastric bypass surgery done?

Gastric bypass surgery Gastric bypass surgery has its own side effects and can be a problem Cause patients. An optometrist technique is used for this surgery. Before doing this Surgery is best understood with its consequences. Stomach bipolar surgery is one of the most commonly used surgical procedures for weight loss. After the operation Gastric … Continue reading “How is gastric bypass surgery done?”

What is Abdominoplasty ?

Abdominoplasty One of the most frequent visits to cosmetic surgeries is abdominal disorientation and abdominal discomfort, in which the abnormality of abnormality, abdominal distension and abdominal dislocation, and the presence of multiple chains in the abdominal skin when sitting that make it impossible to wear a lot of clothes. Or the presence of excess cracks … Continue reading “What is Abdominoplasty ?”