Acne treatment

Acne treatment

How to treat Acne

To treat acne, you have to carry out a series of health measures and recommendations, as well as seeing your doctor and getting the right drugs to deal with it.

Acne treatment

Important advice:

In order to prevent the development of bouts and reduce volume and number, you should consider the following recommendations and act on them.

1. Do not tamper with the boils and do not spray them with pressure. To empty them, visit a beauty institute to empty the pots with suckers. If you do not have such a center near you, disinfect your fingers with alcohol, shorten the nails and squeeze them slowly with a clean cloth to evacuate.

2 – Massage your skin smoothly. You can do this yourself on a regular basis, or visit a qualified person to massage your skin. Massage causes dehydration of the skin and prevents the growth of the wounds.

3 – Have a mental relaxation. Try to keep your sleep. Have enough rest and even more than stress and nerves

4- Wash your face twice a day and massage. Use the acidic soap (sulfur) that your doctor advises to wash. First, make your face well soap to cover the floor. Then massage your face with your fingers so that the soap penetrates the pores of the skin and eliminates the accumulated fat in the pimples. Massage, on the other hand, improves the skin’s blood circulation and refreshes its appetite. With your palms, massage your face from right to left, from left to right, and then from bottom to top. The total facial massage time with soap should last five minutes. Then wash your face with warm water to completely clean. Then rub the surface of the skin with a rosewood-coated cotton. Rose juice or lemon juice have astringent effect and increase blood circulation and improve skin.

5- 5 times a week to massage the apple vinegar once a day to reduce the skin’s fat. To do this, just pour some of the apple vinegar into the same amount of water and then take some of the mixture with your finger and apply it on your face and massage. Take the massage with slow motion and slow motion, first from bottom to top and then from top to bottom. Then wait a few minutes and then wash your face.

6 – Avoid using fatty foods, sweets, mayonnaise, cream, chocolate, walnuts, hazelnuts, bananas, eggs, some fish and coconut, even if you do not need hard foods. Try to eat more vegetables and fruits containing vitamin A: carrots, spinach, royal jams and tomatoes. Also, limit the consumption of tea and spices.

7 – Try your face exposed to sunlight every day. Sun rays have a great influence on the recovery of young pride. It is best to use sunglasses to protect your eyes. Some researchers, of course, believe that sunlight will exacerbate acne after a while, so it’s best to use sunlight just to start treatment.

8. Do not neglect sports and walking. Many wrinkles will disappear after a while. If you walk at least three kilometers in the morning, or walk on the walk, and then take a shower, you will notice that after a short period of time, your skin becomes much more juicy and many pimples clear. They go Exercise and bathing will open the pores of the skin, improve its blood flow and eliminate the fat

9 – Use warm water to wash your face. Your soap is better to be acidic to reduce fat. Limit the use of cosmetics and greasy creams, and if necessary, first apply the skin to a moisturizing cream and then use powder or other cosmetics, and at night, all the ingredients are cleaned with a clean detergent do.

10 – After washing your face, never rinse your face with a rough towel, but touch a tissue or soft towel with your skin to dry.

Medical measures:

Along with the recommendations, medications are prescribed by a specialist physician who plays a key role in acne. Be sure to use these medications.

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