9 Reasons you can not sleep well at night

9 Reasons you can not sleep well at night

Why you can not sleep well at night ?

If you are an adult who is on average less than 7 hours a night Sleep (at least recommended by the medical academies), possibly surprisingly Physical or psychological problems are involved in this reduction in sleep, which is better Find the reason for it to make it easier to deal with or a therapeutic solution Find it.

9 Reasons you can not sleep well at night

1.Respiratory tract in bed

According to Ralph Palio, a sleep specialist at Stanford Medical Center; many People think of this condition, which makes a person regularly breathing in regular times A nap with shortness of breath. Sometimes thousands of times, for a few seconds to a minute And then the person with shortness of breath will wake up a little. This affliction affects only men Chubby affects. But it also affects women, especially since they are era They are likely to suffer from shortness of breath, even if they are weighed Fit. Indeed, research suggests that 17 percent of women are likely to fall asleep They are breathing, but 85% are still not detected. One reason is this That women have different meanings than men. Sniffing is an important warning The fact that men have respiratory problems is less likely to occur in women.
They are very likely to have advanced sleep deprivation, such as the problem of thinking Have a right word, misbehaving, fatigue, depression or anxiety. Solution: If you notice these symptoms, tell your doctor. The association of doctors knows that respiratory arrest is not just a problem for men. If worry See your experienced specialist. To determine whether Do you have a sleep disorder, you will probably do a test of breathing levels and Check oxygen overnight. The most commonly used treatment for CPAP respiratory arrest (pressure Continuous positive air (a medicine that keeps the air flow when you’re asleep) it helps.

2.Mild depression

Because people who are depressed may fall asleep or fall asleep So that 17% of women may also have a lower level Have this disease. But because of their symptoms that include negative thoughts, concerns Very, lack of energy and body are not severe pain, women with mild depression Very low probability of sleep is detected. Solution: Because the signs of mild depression can be similar to those of many Women experience the course of their life, it is important to have a mental health history Check with your doctor or a psychologist to determine if symptoms of depression occur They have existed before or during their period of development, or they may cause hormonal changes Exacerbate, share. Accordingly, your doctor will set up a therapeutic program It will include speech therapy, lifestyle changes, medications, or all three.

3.Internal clock change

We all know that naturally everyone has a living clock that determines it When tired at night, and when the body wakes up in the morning. But about age At age 40, your clock starts to change. The researchers are confident about the cause of this issue But the result is that your body will naturally get upset The sleep you receive is reduced. With the passage of 60 years old You will be able to wake up 2 hours earlier than when you were 30 years old Get up and sleep and even trouble your children and sleep Wake up! Solution: Change your sleep time to adjust the sleep schedule for the body. If you’re worried about not being able to sleep because you used to get older sooner than you used to You’ve gone to bed, Van Dungeon reassures you again. According to him perhaps Tired of getting tired earlier, but ignoring or not paying attention to sleepiness It’s easier to stay up late if you are accustomed to staying up late. One of the most common problems of some adults is the lack of resting sleep that may be with One of the following is a relationship that can be relaxed by relaxation Be.

4.Thyroid state

The onset or hypothyroidism of the thyroid gland can lead to an inconsistent hormone that is falling asleep It makes it difficult to stay asleep. When the gland is low, most often after 50 As you age, you have more than 35% chance of having a sleep apnea. Problems with a thyroid drive involve women hard. They are more than 8 times as likely to fall asleep More than 60% of those who have thyroid problems are more likely to be diagnosed That their sleeplessness is related to the thyroid. Keep in mind that thyroid dysfunction is the main reason for sleep problems. With There is a thyroid problem, other symptoms associated with such a depression, weight loss or depression, Anxiety and gastrointestinal problems may appear to be unrelated to sleep. Solution: Your doctor can order a series of blood tests, such as: TSH ) Thyroid hormones (T4, T3 free, T3 and thyroid antibodies) Check out In the past, doctors only tested the TCH, but got five The test provides a more accurate assessment of how your thyroid works. Prescribing medications can help you restore your hormone levels to the extent that they should be. But lifestyle changes like improving your diet, such as taking more iodine-rich foods, Selenium and zinc are needed to make the thyroid function work properly.

5.Acid reflux

In this condition, the acid returns from the stomach to the trachea and occasionally leads to Stomach burning. Solution: Changing lifestyle like eating less meals, avoiding eating before Sleep and weight loss can prevent acid reflux.

6.Being a nurse

Everyone has some stress in her life, but cares for a friend or relative of the set This is a stressful condition that may cause sleep disturbance. Recent research Have shown that 76 percent of nurses have poor sleep quality and equal paresters More stressful than your male counterparts. One of the reasons is that nursing women 50 Percentage of nursing men spend time on the patient. Solution: Reducing night anxiety can be the key to this problem. If you’re worried about that Make someone who you love to be in the toilet, make a mobile toilet or with a bright light Low, turn on your path. Hire someone for night care or use one Ask friends or family members to help you in the late hours of the night or in the afternoon. Use Chamomile products can also relieve stress. In a survey, patients with General anxiety disorder that had used chamomile products for 8 weeks was stressful Enough to drop.

7.Extra fat of the abdomen

When you carry a lot of fat in your abdominal area, your body needs it when you are lying It works harder for breathing, which causes sleep problems. belly fat The higher levels increase inflammation in the body, leading to disturbances in the neural pathways. Which controls sleep. Also, to remove calories and start exercising) that help (Lower your weight), try unsaturated fats like olive oil, Brains and Avocados in your diet.

8.Vitamin D deficiency

More than 40 percent of adults have vitamin D deficiency, a problem with cardiovascular disease, Cancer and weakness of the bones, as well as sleep disorders. Checking in Specifically, public health has highlighted that 12 percent of people with lower levels of vitamin D They sleep less than 5 hours a night, and 57% of them are 90 minutes or more at midnight Awake The findings have shown that vitamin D has effects on parts of the brain that are involved in sleep Is direct. Solution: Your body produces vitamin D when your skin is exposed to direct sunlight But you can not always get sunlight on a daily basis, especially In the winter, or if your skin has dark spots. If you have vitamin D deficiency for that Your doctor can determine it with a blood test, you can level it by eating Increase foods like fatty fish, eggs, vitamin D, enriched milk or juice.

9.Respiratory problems

When your nose is temporarily frozen or seasonally sensitive. Probably because of the breath You may not be able to sleep if you fight. But other factors such as nasal cavity Separated, nasal polyps, large tonsils or having a very large tongue may be breathing Slow down forever. These factors can increase sleep disturbance: when Researchers at Albuquerque’s Sleep and Health Institute (a city in New Mexico) (This study is based on Twenty-one people with chronic insomnia have found that 90% of those who have At night, they walk in bed. Their problem is related to respiratory problems. Solution: In some cases, it is recommended that the patient undergo surgery to solve this problem.

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