10 ways to treat dry skin

Understanding Dry Skin Treatment

When the skin becomes dry, itchy or scaly, it should be immediately Treat yourself. If you do not take skin care with drying, tap on The skin is wrinkled. Soft and moisturize skin only means use Not moisturizers, but other factors such as skin cleansing, air It’s about clothes and even clothes. The following recommendations will help you Get better skin and find a way to treat dry skin.

1. Avoid dry skin in the bathroom

Follow these guidelines to treat dry skin Close the bathroom door
The bathing time should be between 5 and 10 minutes
Use lukewarm water
Use a mild and odorless detergent .
Use sufficient detergents, try to avoid excessive foaming Gently dry your skin with a towel

2. Use moisturizing cream immediately after bathing

Moisturizing creams increase moisture in the skin. To treat dry skin And increasing its moisture content, it should be wet after showering or washing hands and face use

3. Use a cream or oil instead of a lotion

Oils and creams have a greater effect on skin moisturizing and less susceptibility They create. Use oil or creams containing olive oil or jojoba oil. You can also use tropical tree oils. Other materials that Helps to soften the skin. Acidic acid, urea, hyaluronic acid, dimethicone, Glycerin, Alnolin, Mineral oils and Vaseline One recommendation: Always have a non-fat cream and then take it Wash hands with it. This helps in maintaining the vitality of your skin .he does

4. Fat your lips

Another way to treat dry skin is to use a good lubricant It’s lip, it’s a good mood for lips. Some fatty substances may be Itching or allergy, if any, such as other causes Use a lip gloss

5. Use mild and odorless products for the skin

Some cosmetics are not suitable for sensitive and dry skin. If you have dry skin, do not use the following materials Fluffy Soaps – (AHA-acid hydroxy- alpha (cosmetic products containing alcohol, perfume or alpha-hydroxy- Avoiding the use of these materials can save you

6. Wear gloves

Wear gloves for dry skin treatment. The first hand is the first hand It is dry and can be prevented by wearing gloves from the dryness of hands. At In the following situations, wear gloves:
– Before going out in the winter
– Before doing things that make your hands wet
– Before using chemicals and greasy oils

7. Wear comfortable clothes and use anti-allergenic detergents

Even clothes or washing powder may cause itching and allergy : Dry skin. To prevent this, follow these steps Wear harsh wool or silks Woolen or Use anti-allergenic washing powder

8. Correct your skin at the right time

To treat dry skin, shave and correct hair after bathing .Cool Correcting and shaving excess hair can cause itching, when Correcting hair, normal skin fat is also excreted. According to one American Care Center, the best time to correct, after bathing Because in this case, the hair becomes softer and more flexible and shave It becomes easier. Always use a cream or gel to correct the hair In order to grow them, protect them from your skin Be sure to use a sharp razor because the razor can cause skin damage. Always razor Change yourself, if you want to use your previous razor, clean it with alcohol

9. Protect your skin from heat and cold

One of the most important reasons is dryness, wrinkles and skin roughness, light damage The sun is To treat the dryness of your skin, you can use anti-wrinkle cream And wearing the right dress prevents damage to your skin. 30 SPF with sun Dermatologists recommend that you should wear warm clothes in cold weather Do not overdo it and not sweat, as it will damage the skin To prevent dryness and cracking of the lips in the winter from a liposolver Use lips with a shawl or mask. Summer suits 15 SP
Wear a long, sleek, bright, colorful hat and use a 3 cm hat Do not cover your ears and eyes

10. Wet the air in the winter

Cool and dry air is the most common cause of dryness and skin sensitivity. Warm up the space The house in winter absorbs moisture that is suitable for dry skin No, to compensate for this lost moisture from an in-room fridge At home, you can set a hygrometer by placing a humidifier Measure humidity. The optimum humidity for the home

When should I go to a dermatologist?

If you do not improve your skin after following the above, you need a dermatologist See. Very dry skin may be cream, oil, or special care Need. A dermatologist can help you after your skin examination Just think of dry skin.

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